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If you visited Bath, Harrogate or Edinburgh Self Build Shows  last year you will have seen us – we were very busy talking to people looking to mix fuel types or to install Heat Pump technology or underfloor systems making sure they specified capable hot water storage to work with these technologies. Come to these shows in November 2019 and see us there.

We offer units that will work with the above, and we are happy to spend time chatting with you to make sure that the correct system goes in to your new build.  We are experts in hot water storage and you can tap into our resource for free.  We will even view your plans to make recommendations.  We aren’t designers, but you would get help in choosing which system is right for you.

Client Testimonial

Rob Rankin had a major build project in the North of Scotland and used an Advance electric boiler and multi fuel thermal store to provide the right solution to his needs – here’s what he has to say:

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I bought a dilapidated cottage dating from 1825  in Morayshire and stripped it back to bare brick. It has been a major refurbishment project from top to bottom and I have had to learn a lot in a short time.

When it came to the heating and hot water side I wanted mains pressure hot water and no feed tanks of any sort. I wanted a multi fuel approach because out here we sometimes lose power – but the main advantage was free fuel so I could massively reduce my electric bills. I haven’ t got gas and didn’t want oil because it can be messy and the price is volatile. So with the concept of a wood burning stove and electricity supply I called Advance about their multi fuel thermal store. We chatted for some time and their chap came up with the idea of using an electric flow boiler with the thermal store to compliment the woodburner. They even wired in the relay for me so their pre-wired pre plumbed thermal store really was a full solution.

I bought their 12kw eGlow electric flow boiler and their Multi Fuel Thermal Store, and during installation I have been in email contact with Advance to help me with detail. Their response has been great – and happily all is now working fine.

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