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After much research I chose to go with Advance Appliances for my thermal store because it ticked all the boxes. In truth we had a few small teething problems but Advance actually came to my home and helped to sort things out.  The thermal store is going strong after ten years with no signs of failing in any department. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Peter F from St Albans


Peter F from St Albans - Householder

We were involved in the specification for a development in Finchley of more than 80 apartments. We were using heat pump technology and looked for a partner who could provide specialist hot water cylinders for this project.  We needed someone who had a good understanding of the technical needs of the installations as well as meeting our changing delivery schedule over a period.  Advance Appliances were able to demonstrate their capability in both areas during the contract.

Matt Karcha

Director of the mechanical services contractor (Aircomm Services Ltd)

Matt Karcha - Director of the mechanical services contractor (Aircomm Services Ltd)

We worked with Advance Appliances on a major contract for hundreds of properties using solid fuel appliances for heating and hot water.  We were looking for a mains pressure hot water service but were aware that unvented cylinders could pose a problem with an uncontrolled heat source.  Advance offered a vented store to work with solid fuel yet provide fast safe mains domestic hot water.  They assisted with the system design and were able to make a positive input throughout the process.

Jonathan Aston

B.Eng (Hons) Senior Mechanical Building Services Engineer of CDMM Consultants in Inverness

Jonathan Aston B.Eng (Hons) Senior Mechanical Building Services Engineer of CDMM Consultants in Inverness

We now have more than 100 Advance heat Pump cylinders installed across multiple Local Authority sites.  The units work as expected and we have not logged any tenant issues. Feedback from the project team has been positive

Paul Barlow

Bromford Housing Association

Paul Barlow - Bromford Housing Association

We are an independent merchant and work closely with our customers. Advance are great if you want something a little different – we go to them for their multi fuel cylinder for instance when our installers are linking wood burners with boilers.  Their service is spot on and they are quite happy to spend time talking to us or our customers to reach a solution.

Ray Norbury

Oswestry - Electrical and Plumbing factors Ltd

Ray Norbury, Oswestry - Electrical and Plumbing factors Ltd

Advance Appliances has been a key partner to Kensa Heat Pumps for over 5 years.  In that time they have provided first class products backed up with excellent service. You never know how good a supplier is until you have been with them a few years and seen the speed of their reaction to challenges and their help towards developing products appropriate to your market and technologies. I am delighted that Advance tick all the boxes.

Paul Dennison

UK Sales Manager from Kensa

Paul Dennison - UK Sales Manager from Kensa

I have been installing water heaters since 2002 and have used many different manufacturers over the years, usually ones that I have been a service agent for. About 4 years ago I came across Advance Appliances website whist looking to find a thermal store to replace a unit in an existing installation which had failed. The unit I would usually have used had a 2 year cylinder manufacturer’s warranty, which for the price I found was not great for the customer. Advance Appliances offer a 10 year warranty on the cylinder which is a great selling point to the customer along with a competitive price (cheaper than the one offering a 2 year warranty) After speaking to Advance   I decided to purchase one and to see how the installation went. Their ETS160 Electric Thermal Store was easy to install, performed well and was competitively priced. I would highly recommend this unit to replace most existing electric thermal store installations provided the conditions, such as wiring feeds, overflow pipes etc are all appropriate. Since that time I have installed a good number of Advance units and all have been easy to install and have worked efficiently. I have replaced a few electric boiler and hot water combined systems with either Advance ECB210 Electric Combination Boiler or a 9kw Eglow boiler from Advance with a separate ETS 160. Once again if the existing conditions are appropriate installation is quite straightforward. In addition to thermal store installations I am able to carry out electric heating installations. I recently replaced an existing branded electric flow boiler with an Advance PlugnGlow mini electric boiler to heat a conservatory in a nursing home; I was pleasantly surprised how well it did the job as it really is a compact unit. The owner of the nursing home was happy with how well it heated the conservatory. She said it was just as warm as the old boiler (and only took up half the space of the old unit). Because PlugnGlow has an inbuilt timer I only needed a pump and room stat to complete the job. I have seen so many installations where people have replaced a thermal store cylinder with an unvented cylinder which could not have passed a building control inspection due to the discharge pipe not being to G3 requirements. Unvented cylinders can be a cheaper option, but when replacing a thermal store, installers should be replacing it with another thermal store to avoid problems in the future for the customer. Solicitors in the conveyancing markets now sometimes insist that vendors can demonstrate that discharge arrangements comply with G3.

Graeme Stansfield

from Shower Services in Bury

Graeme Stansfield - from Shower Services in Bury

I bought a dilapidated cottage dating from 1825  in Morayshire and stripped it back to bare brick. It has been a major refurbishment project from top to bottom and I have had to learn a lot in a short time. When it came to the heating and hot water side I wanted mains pressure hot water and no feed tanks of any sort. I wanted a multi fuel approach because out here we sometimes lose power – but the main advantage was free fuel so I could massively reduce my electric bills. I haven’ t got gas and didn’t want oil because it can be messy and the price is volatile. So with the concept of a wood burning stove and electricity supply I called Advance about their multi fuel thermal store. We chatted for some time and their chap came up with the idea of using an electric flow boiler with the thermal store to compliment the woodburner. They even wired in the relay for me so their pre-wired pre plumbed thermal store really was a full solution.

I bought their 12kw eGlow electric flow boiler and their Multi Fuel Thermal Store, and during installation I have been in email contact with Advance to help me with detail. Their response has been great – and happily all is now working fine.

Rob Rankin


Rob Rankin - Selfbuilder

There are loads of firms out there, particularly on the web, that brag about how brilliant they are, but quite a few of them fail to really deliver on the promises that they make.

It is so refreshing to come across a company such as yours that clearly just gets on with the job and does it.

Adrian W from Cambridge


Adrian W from Cambridge – Householder

Rest assured that as long as you continue making what we consider is the best designed thermal store cylinder incorporating features that we have requested for years, we will continue to be supporters of your business

David Jennings

Warwick Contracts

David Jennings - Warwick Contracts

We have been using Advance Appliances for the last couple of years now, primarily for electric (and standard) thermal store cylinder solutions.  The manufacturing and delivery times from our previous supplier started to become way too long, particularly in our busier times of the year.  We also experienced some problems with the products and received very poor customer service.  Making the switch to Advance Appliances has been amazing.  Their customer service and aftersales service and support has been first class.  Unlike our previous supplier, we can deal with them directly rather than having to order through a merchant and we have found the products to be well manufactured as well as provide simple, reliable operation and are good to install.  Their products are a breath of fresh air for us. 
Oliver Osmore, Managing Director and Owner of Maintracts Services Ltd

Maintracts Services Ltd

Maintracts Services Ltd