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You could do so much better without changing the combi!

Advance Appliances


  • Use showers without interruption if somebody in the house turns on another tap
  • Hot water on tap even when your boiler breaks down.
  • Use electric or thermal solar and your hot water cylinder becomes a battery, storing hot water generated by sunshine.
  • You can use different fuels that fit and integrate with a wood burner and a gas or oil boiler for example. (See Diagram)
  • No long wait for the taps to get hot.

You can keep your combi and integrate it into a more modern system based on comfort and the needs of your family.

DID YOU KNOWOur thermal stores typically deliver double the flow rate of most combi boilers and the water is hotter, too!

Here’s how to do it - tell your installer (No motorized valves to maintain either!).

Combi Boiler Diagram Shower Example