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These WRAS approved stainless steel unvented cylinders provide mains pressure hot water. They are fitted with a pre plumbed pre wired S plan arrangement with two heating zones for easy, flexible and complete installation

Advance pre plumbed stainless units combine an attractive appearance with superb heat loss characteristics. They are both ERP rated as B. Perhaps the most exciting development is the air gap technology employed which features a patented device to maintain the air bubble in the cylinder.

The units are WRAS approved and made in the UK and come fitted with G3 unvented kit in addition to the pre wired S plan and all essential components including an A rated pump. The pre wiring helps minimise errors in installation and with two zones it offers flexibility. Clear installation instructions are provided.

 Two sizes are available: one for single bathroom properties (one bath plus up to three showers) and one for twin bathroom properties (two baths plus two showers). All units have a fitted 3kW immersion heater, as well as an adjustable control thermostat for economic hot water temperature control. All heating and cold water control components are fitted except the programmer so that consumers have the widest possible choice. They are designed to work with all modern gas or oil boilers and have B rated insulation properties with 60 mm of foam injected polyurethane.

Not only are the units competitively priced they are full three bar high flow operation. Because the air gap is self sustaining there is no need to pump up an expansion vessel every year, and of course it makes for a quicker installation.  There is no plastic internal baffle.

The stainless steel Duplex cylinders are guaranteed for 25 years, and the components are guaranteed for two years.

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