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Solar PV Panels Advice


If you have solar PV you must read this page.

When the sun shines you are being paid as you are generating power for the grid.  The level of payment will depend upon the date your PV panels were installed.  Nonetheless, you will be paid something.

Now – what would be the way to maximise this revenue?  Easy – you are being paid whether you consume the power or not – so store it – create a battery.

Not one of those Tesla things that take up the cupboard space under the stairs and costs thousands of pounds but the humble hot water storage cylinder. You can buy devices that detect when the solar panels are producing power and put it straight into your immersion heater to heat your store and save on the gas or oil that you would usually pay for to heat it up.

All Advance stores have immersions fitted, and a lot of them provide heating as well as hot water. They are the perfect battery.

If your panels are low power and your immersion isn’t the main form of water heating it can be easily swapped for a lower wattage model that will work with whatever panel array you have.

So consider hot water storage to improve your showers and flow rates.  They can easily be fitted with existing combination boilers. 

If you have storage already, and PV panels – you are already ahead of the game.

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