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£215.00 ex vat

New from Advance Appliances, the new Plug n Glow 2 - it's the same size as the original Plug n Glow that was so popular but now with our own bespoke software.  We have simplified the programming to two times per day with a week/weekend option and we have updated the case design to make it even more appealing.  In addition the circuitry is more robust and the new construction has been built to a higher specification.  The Plug n Glow 2 is a small stainless steel flow boiler with many applications. It has 22mm connections for ease of installation, with a 13 amp plug fitted to fit straight into a household socket.

It can be used in a sealed system up to 3 bar pressure or in vented applications.

Temperature is adjusted from 30 to 80 degrees by a calibrated dial on the front of the case or it can be controlled by an off board thermostat. There is no restriction on the number of uses of the product

It can be added to an existing gas or electric central heating circuit to boost the power if an extension has been added to the house; it can be used for a small office or garage workshop heating system - it will run a couple of radiators - or a standalone underfloor system in conservatories up to 20 square metres floor area.  Or use it to protect plants from frost in a greenhouse, or holiday homes from freezing in winter with a frost thermostat. You will need to install a pump for stand alone heating circuits.

In addition it is perfect for secondary loops that feed back into the hot out ensuring heat pump cylinders and thermal stores keep proper stratified temperatures.  Just add a potable pump and off you go!

It has a 2.7kW output, measures just 120mm x 195mm, is CE marked and has a two year guarantee.

Installation couldn't be easier - inside is a connector block for a pump that automatically switches on when the boiler is live, and a two way connector block for external control - for example a thermostat.

The Plug n Glow doesn’t need servicing.  It is a UK product, designed and built here in the Midlands, and is guaranteed for two years.

All this for only £215 plus VAT - much cheaper than changing a boiler!


Watch this video to see how our new bespoke software works: