If you are making or importing original equipment – this could be wood burners, solar panels or heat pumps etc, then we would be delighted to partner you.

We work with some of the major players in the heat pump sector, and over the years have enjoyed much success with wood burner manufacturers and suppliers who specify and sometimes stock our multi fuel HETAS listed thermal store.

Because cylinders are the “Perfect Battery” we are trying to grow relationships in the solar PV market.  We had a lot of success with this in the boom years of high tariffs and would like to meet partners who still see a valid role for this system or, indeed, solar thermal panels.

We do not compete in these technologies; our place is to be experts in hot water storage, not in the energies and appliances that feed them.

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Kensa are a major force in the UK, here’s what Paul Dennison, UK Sales Manager, has to say about Advance

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Advance Appliances has been a key partner to Kensa Heat Pumps for over 5 years.  In that time they have provided first class products backed up with excellent service.

You never know how good a supplier is until you have been with them a few years and seen the speed of their reaction to challenges and their help towards developing products appropriate to your market and technologies.  I am delighted that Advance tick all the boxes.

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