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You care about getting the best system at home.  Obviously you need a great hot water service, a long lasting product that is proven in the market place and one that can use your choice of energy input, be it gas, electricity, oil, solar, heat pumps, solid fuel or a mix of these,
we cover them all.

We have the right approvals here and can help you make an informed choice. Talk to us!

Make your own lifestyle choices , don’t be bound by the decisions of others, talk to us, we are fair and experienced. Here are a couple of examples of how hot water storage from Advance can be advantageous.

  • Mix fuel types
  • Excellent flow rates – run a bath and a shower at the same time, or put the washing machine on – storage can cope if your water service is OK
  • Reserve back up immersion heater, if the boiler breaks the hot water still works
  • Extended family or adding showers or just want a better service that isn’t interrupted every time another tap is turned on? – use your existing combi with a thermal store and more than double your flow rate
  • Utilise renewable energy sources to reduce bills – like solar PV or solar thermal, or heat pumps, windmills, pellet boilers, wood burning stoves etc.
  • If you are using solar PV any of our product will help you reduce fuel bills
  • All products are made in the UK and have long warranties
  • Talk to us – don’t be put off as we will engage with you on your level and promise never to use technical jargon

Client Testimonial

Peter F. from St Albans bought an Advance product ten years ago – here’s his comment

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After much research I chose to go with Advance Appliances for my thermal store because it ticked all the boxes.  In truth we had a few small teething problems but Advance actually came to my home and helped to sort things out.  The thermal store is going strong after ten years with no signs of failing in any department. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Quote Mark