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Heat Pump Cylinders

Two types of heat pump cylinders are available.  The single coil heat pump range of cylinders (HP and HPL) is designed to work with a wide range of air source and ground source heat pumps utilising low output and converting it into hot water for domestic needs.

Advance twin coil stainless steel heat pump cylinders (HPS and HPSL) incorporate special coils designed to work with a wide range of heat pumps and solar thermal installations.

The heat pump coils have large surface areas to get the best heat transfer, also they are designed for low resistance and the coils are positioned within the cylinder to lower return temperatures.

Domestic sizes have 60mm of injected polyurethane foam for low heat loss.  The cylinders are guaranteed for 25 years, are WRAS approved and meet all relevant Building Regulations.

Solar cylinders get the best of both worlds - during the solar season (usually April until September) most of the Domestic Hot Water production will be generated by the solar panels.

In addition there is a range of cylinders with Low Resistant Coils (HPL and HPSL) for large fast flow heat pumps.

Coil outputs are measured at typical heat pump flow rates and temperatures.

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