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Buffer Stores

The 100 litre mild steel buffer is strong enough to support a 300 litre capacity cylinder and measures only 420mm high with a 600 x 560 footprint.  So, minimise floor use, keep the buffer and hot water cylinder in the same space and pipe up! 

Buffer Stores

£156.00 ex vat

Advance offer a range of  buffer stores from 20 litres to 3000 litres, insulated and cased.  Buffers can be used as energy accumulators or to add volume to primary circuits to prevent heat pump shorting.

The stainless steel cylinders are guaranteed for 25 years and are made in the UK and are WRAS approved.

Please click on the data sheet button above to see the full range and ring for prices for sizes other than the 20 and 100 litre units priced above.

The 100 litre mild steel compact buffer is box shaped to save space and to allow a cylinder up to 300 litres to stand on top of it.  This gives a smaller footprint, utilising space effectively. Read below about the new 20 litre buffer.

All buffers have four ports, except the 20 litre which has two, and can be configured in two or four port systems.  Always refer to the energy appliance manufacturer’s instructions.



Made from mild steel with wall brackets attached for easier installation. 

The 20 litre buffer is fitted with 28mm compression fittings at each end.

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